Champs – “The Hard Interchange” LP announcement + Shadow On The Sea

Bringing news of their highly anticipated third LP, Isle of Wight duo CHAMPS, share catchy new cut ‘Shadow On The Sea’.

Going from two albums in just over the space of a year (366 days to be exact), to a four-year gap between albums 2 and 3, it’s a welcomed announcement from CHAMPS that their third LP “The Hard Interchange” will be out on September 27th of this year.

‘Shadow On The Sea’ is the third track to be taken from “The Hard Interchange”, with previous releases ‘Solid Action’ and ‘Douglas Firs’ both featuring on the upcoming LP. Providing a melancholic dance-along with ‘Shadow On The Sea’, CHAMPS ignite their haunting folk sound with the flare of 70’s disco and 90’s pop music, showing a clear development from the pop-tinged sound of “Vamala”.

“The Hard Interchange” Tracklist:

  1. Grey Eyes
  2. Solid Action
  3. The Hard Interchange
  4. Douglas Firs
  5. Shadow On The Sea
  6. Mechanical Arms
  7. 89 (You Stun)
  8. Never Saw It Coming
  9. Too High to Touch
  10. Katrina
  11. Red Star
  12. In a Stratosphere (Of Our Own)

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