Walt Disco – Weightless

Walt Disco follows up their sensational single ‘Selfish Lover’, with their thunderous new release ‘Weightless’.

Credit: Furmaan Ahmed

The Glaswegian group mark the announcement of absolutely nothing with an otherworldly new release. Their second track to arrive via new label Lucky Number,’Weightless’ addresses the experience of vocalist James Potter with their gender identity as a non-binary person.

With their reinvigoration of new-romantics ’80s pop and glamourous goth-pop, Walt Disco goes colossal on the intensity scale as though this was an album announcement single. Instead, this gargantuan display of queer, non-binary expression is focused on exactly that, perpetuating the unstoppable spirit of those who have had to discover and fight for their identity.

James explains: “This song comes from thinking about how I live my life, how I present myself externally and also how I view myself internally. Lyrically it outlines my fear that I have not done enough to express my gender identity and delves into feelings on appearance and my body dysmorphia.” They continue, “However the chorus is one of hope. Its message is that it is okay to have not always been sure about who you are or where you are going, and that it’s never too late to start finding new parts of yourself.”

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