Transgressive Records, 30 free days comes to an end.

So as we see the end of September and welcome in October, we also see the end of Transgressive’s free anniversary month. The artists have ranged from Foals, to Mystery Jets, to Flume, to Spring King and about twenty four more. From unheard singles, to lost gems and magnificent covers, it’s fair to say, Transgressive and the Transgressive artists, have provided some of the greatest tracks in recent years.

So travelling back to yesterday (29th September), African Express, a seven day recording in Mali, with African musicians Gambari, Bijou and Songhoy Blues, collaborating with the likes of Two InchPunch, Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, Nick Zinner and Ghostpoet, producing three tracks spanning different genres, from the likes of Foals’ math rock styles on , to the post house/garage influences of Maliora and the more traditionally sounding, African tribal styles (until synths and other contemporary instruments commence) on N Taara.

Now for the final day (30th September), Transgressive released the intended, first official single for an old favourite of mine especially, The Subways. Forget At 1am, it was really about I’m In Love and B-side, You Got Me. I’m In Love is periodically The Subways on their heavier, riff overloaded tracks such as We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; with B-side You Got Me,  following the same line of action, creating a true contrast from the bands breakout single, Rock and Roll Queen.

So that’s it. The month of freebies has ended. But you can be damn sure that Transgressive are going to keep bringing out some of the best music in existence. I mean it’s not like they don’t have a good track record or anything.


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