JOHN – Šibensko Powerhouse

London duo JOHN, shared their latest single ‘Šibensko Powerhouse’ earlier this month, taken from their recently announced LP “Nocturnal Manoeuvres”.

Credit: Paul Grace

Collaborating with director Ryan Gander for the track’s video, with IDLES member Adam Devonshire providing backing vocals on the track, JOHN (John Newton and Johnny Healey), bring together some of Britain’s brightest artists on their newest track.

Taken from their upcoming album Nocturnal Manoeuvres”, ‘Šibensko Powerhouse’, culminates into a fantastically raw style of British punk, punching away with volatile riffs and snarling vocals throughout as the London duo unearth past memories and bring to focus the level of importance (or unimportance), humans have on Earth. The lyrics came from a now-distant memory of visiting a festival in another country,” offers Newton, “I remembered standing alone in baking 40-degree heat on the hillside outside of my apartment – only to hear a familiar song echoing live in the distance from over the hill’s crest. It was a once in a lifetime moment that just stuck with me, a reminder of my small scale in the greater scheme of the world.”

On the concept of the video, Gander adds: “Do Klingons, essentially a post-human human, care about humans? Do cockroaches (the toughest of all species) care about the anthropomorphism we humans project on everything we confront? Are mice prophets and do fish float? THIS IS JOHN, questioning empathy at every turn.”

Newton says of the collaboration: “We’ve been fans of Ryan’s work since our studies almost ten years ago, so it was an honour to collaborate on the track’s video. His creative practice is so prolific and playful that we were genuinely excited to see what he could dream up in response to the music. Safe to say, we certainly couldn’t have anticipated the result (cockroach costumes etc!), but it certainly didn’t disappoint.”

“Nocturnal Manoeuvres” is set to be released on October 8th in collaboration between Brace Yourself Records & Pets Care Records.

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