Thyla – Loveless

Brighton’s future stars are looking brighter than ever with their new track Loveless.

“A gift from the vaults”, and a brilliant one at that, Loveless marks Thyla as ones to watch for the rest of the year and 2017.

It’s the kind of track you’d expect a group to release, just before the album announcement of the year, telling the world to take notice. Think Wolf Alice with Giant Peach and you’re on the right tracks at the type of magnitude Loveless possesses.

Beautiful vortexs of indie-rock/shoegaze perfection, intricately pieced together with Millie’s simply stunning vocal range, sends Loveless soaring towards the stratosphere. With just the right amount of the tender delicacy of pop and punk rock energy mixed together, Loveless packs enough of a punch to state the claim of Thyla being the next big indie group.

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