Thyla – Motherlode

Thyla are continuing to prove that they’re going to be massive, now moving forward with latest track Motherlode.

If you still have yet to check out Thyla, do so now. Seriously. The Brighton group’s indie rock style isn’t just a rehash of current trends, it’s a completely sporadic mix of sub genres, which feature in and out of each of the groups tracks to date beautifully.

Motherlode shows Thyla, again, proving that their talent knows no bounds. Clean cut tones, quickly transform into subtle shoegaze lullabies, before jittering into math-rock pops, as the sound of Foals, Superfood and Wolf Alice, combine into a beautiful display of clinking guitars and expertly executed solos.

Rather than leaning on the success of their similarities, Thyla power through their barriers with guts and the audacity to say that they are future indie hit-makers, as Millie’s vocals and Elis’ guitar work, rocket Thyla towards a completely new level of artistry.

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