Armors – Genesis

Nine months after their Collisions EP was released, the Orange County pop group have broken their silence with Genesis.

Scoring the #6 spot on our Class of 2016 list, #11 on releases and #16 song of the year, it’s obvious to see how enamoured we are with Armors. Genesis is an instant reminder of how Armors managed to state their claim as one of 2015’s most promising new pop groups.

From the first note, Genesis stands to mark the growth Armors have made in the nine months since Collisions. A familiarity to Twenty One Pilots can be felt instantly, as minute keys become subtle anchors, leading the track to triumphant explosions of stadium sized proportions. In traditional Armors style however, choruses that are the focal point remain their strong suit, as frontman Olen Kittelsen, amplified by thunderous electronics, sends Genesis hurdling towards the Billboard Hot 100.

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