Emmit Fenn – 1995

The Spotify favourite continues to race forward to stardom, with his latest hit, 1995.

If you’re a Chet Faker fan or love the contemporary pop flare of Vérité, then no doubt that Emmit Fenn will be of some familiarity to you. The LA resident’s previous tracks Painting Greys and Modern Flames have a combined total of over 15,000,000 plays so it would be an understatement to suggest that there isn’t some sort of huge moment with Fenn.

An avid piano player since the age of 12, when Fenn’s parents separated, 1995’s emotional edge from Fenn’s life experiences circulate around late 00’s electronica, a mixture of early EDM together with the intensity of trip-hop, utilising R’n’B sounds for yet another hit to add to his already impressive catalogue.

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