What’s Good This Week? #12

It’s an uncertain time here in the UK so it makes perfect sense that ‘What’s Good This Week’ is a cluster-fuck of techno, indie and beach rock, celebrating the complete and utter chaos that is the UK right now.

L/F/D/M – Cru

Taken from his upcoming ‘Dream Bleeds’ EP, out in May, Richard Smith unleashes a total hectic onslaught of industrial, trippy techno under his L/F/D/M moniker on Cru. Five and a half minutes of pure, ‘dirty’ techno, the focus of Smith’s EP is to remove arbitrary meanings, focusing on immediacy and direct impact with his music, removing peoples lust for meaning in music and trading this for direct physical connection instead.

Junaco – Willow

Comprised of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa, a calming wave of chilled out indie from LA based duo Junaco, rolls out on their latest track Willow, inspired by the coastal town of Aptos in Northern California. A gorgeous layering of rolling guitars and smooth harmonies conjures up the early days of Warpaint with the subdued energy of Slow Club, fully embodying the overpowering energy that the beauty of nature has to behold.

The Diomedes – Rabbit

There’s something quintessentially British about The Diomedes on ‘Rabbit’ taken from their EP of the same name. A Leyton based duo, Dave Myers and Mark Champion have a razor sharp edge to their performance, bursting with the raw edge of very early Blood Red Shoes and The Subways, clashing their electro influenced indie with skittish rock riffs, like Cook and Freddie from Skins getting into a fight with a horde of pissed up football fans, i.e. something you should definitely be witness to.

BLOXX – Headspace EP

A swift collection of indie from the Uxbridge four piece, their Headspace EP travels from their familiar brand of alt-rock on opening track ‘Monday’ delivering massive riffs that pack a big punch and single ‘Sea Blue’ with its sing-a-long chorus, then to the new, buoyant pop sound of the title track ‘Headspace’. Altogether, it’s a consistent display of the Londoners ability to captivate their fans with a plethora of genres.

Butter – Darts

A surf rock three piece hailing from the infamous, sunny shores of Innerleithen, Scotland (just Google it), Butter are brand new, like a pack of Lurpak that still has the foil cover on. ‘Darts’ has that familiar surf-vibe going on, but it’s lyrics of eating green peas and broccoli, along horoscopes telling them that they’re gay was more than enough to entice us into about 20 plays or so.


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