dvd – Party With Me

With the volume of singles that Dallas’ David Lunsford releases, it’s always exciting to see how his next sad-banger will be portrayed.

Previously featured ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ came through with waves of 80’s synth and trop-pop, making for a well seasoned sad-banger, however, ‘Party With Me’ goes down a classic, American college-rock/bedroom pop root, similar to Salvia Palth or even Gleemer.

Unlike those mentioned artists, when you search “dvd party with me”, Barney, The Little Mermaid and a porn site come up, so as typically queer as you’d expect the results to be. ‘Party With Me’ battles with self-conflict and mental imbalances with love, pleading to not be allowed in before falling in deep, suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, all while trying to navigate the obstacle course of a relationship. A simple guitar hook and steady drum beat allows Lunsford to unravel in his own instability, which while he may not be reinventing college/bedroom rock, the queerness that he brings to his music is something that many younger queer listeners will be truly grateful for.

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