Ocean Child – Moonlight

Chicago based artist Marco Landaverde, known as Ocean Child, released his “Fever Dream” EP this week, alongside lead single ‘Moonlight’.

A rush of contemporary indie and 60’s influenced rock ‘n’ roll leads to a smooth blurring of jazz elements on ‘Moonlight’, as Ocean Child crafts sublime indie pop on his latest effort. Beckoning back to the height of indie music in 2012, ‘Moonlight’s’ sound is filled with the same charm and nostalgia that early San Cisco or Two Door Cinema Club currently carries for most post-millenials, and could likely be looked back on by Gen Z’ers as a defining moment in their exploration into indie music.

Speaking about the track, Landaverde shares “(Moonlight) can be interpreted in many different ways, but I wanted to depict this struggle of maturing to adulthood and having to pack away a lot of your old self in order to grow as a person. I see the song as sort of a confrontation between the person you are, and the person you once were”.

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