Slomo Casino – Marshallow

Stockport’s Slomo Casino shared an acoustic cover of their debut single ‘Marshmallow’ last week, taken from their upcoming EP.

Consisting of Jonny Ball and Jack Batchelor, the pair met in Liverpool, forming a friendship after a particularly chaotic camping trip they shared together with friends in France. Fast forward seven years and between them, the pair have spent years supporting acts like The Libertines, Feeder and Mallory Knox with their separate bands. Yearning to make music closer to their hearts, what began as an exchange of increasingly drunken voice memos slowly morphed into joyous indie pop, known as Slomo Casino.

Speaking about the track, the duo shared: “Marshmallow is a song about love and lust at its core, it calls upon a desire to chase after something more. We feel the acoustic version showcases how the song still stands strong without all the extra instrumentation on the original track.” 

Slomo Casino’s debut “Marshmallow” EP is out next Friday (November 12th).

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