binki – Revolve

Pennsylvanian artist binki shared his electric new single ‘Revolve’ last week, following news of his upcoming EP.

Credit: @revmattthecat

Announcing his debut EP Motor Function” last month (out August 13th) with the release of his previous single ‘Clay Pigeon’, binki takes a turn towards the likes of Young Fathers and Bloc Party on ‘Revolve’. Sprawling in with an eerie collection of malfunctioning noise, binki’s latest quickly unfolds into rapid-fire bass hooks and pulsating percussion, sounding like the equally slick cousin of Young Fathers’ ‘Toy’. Dark, trippy and intriguing, if Revolve’ is your first experience of binki, much like myself, you’ll want to dive straight into his back catalogue once you’ve had a few repeats of ‘Revolve’.

Speaking about the track, binki explained that “Revolve” is “about magnetism, sharing: “Opposites attract and all that, but also the opposite is true. For better or worse. What pulls us together and what pushes us apart?”.

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