Van Houten – IDK

Leeds band Van Houten, marked their glorious return last week with their dreamy new single ‘IDK’.

Credit: Sam Joyce

Following their “Home Alone” EP from last year, the Leeds group return with a refreshing jangly piece of dream pop. Merging their psych-rock style with droopy guitar riffs for a sound in between Parcels and the late Her’s, ‘IDK’ brings the introspective lyrics of Van Houten’s previous releases, together with a fresh, bouyant sound. With lyrics about isolation and early-adult disenchantment executed effortlessly with the crooning vocals of Louis Sadler, ‘IDK’ delivers their first single back with flying colours.

Speaking further about the track, Van Houten shared: “It’s about feeling stuck in some kind of cycle and reluctantly accepting the fact that you have no real control over what is next. I think this past year and the feelings felt around this really inspired the feeling of being at the mercy of the world around me and not the other way around.”

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