What’s Good This Week #97

You vibin’? What’s Good This Week is reconnecting with familiar faces, introducing new ones and altogether vibin’ to simply superb music.

Pictured: M.A.G.S
Credit: Avi Loud

M.A.G.S – Wait

Following a series of singles taken from their upcoming sophomore LP “Say Things That Matter”, due next Friday (August 13th), M.A.G.S, aka Elliott Douglas, shares the final single ‘Wait’. The L.A based Buffalonian’s knack for American rock continues to impress on his latest offering, delivering an immediate hit of alternative meets beach rock, as the charming essence of Dinosaur Jr. can be felt throughout. Charging in with high-octane guitars at every opportunity, M.A.G.S ability to differentiate between when to truly kick things off and when it’s just the main verse, all while continuously executing rapid-fire riffs, continues to impress. There may only be a month of summer left, but M.A.G.S is definitely aiming for the album of the summer with this single alone.

Low Hummer – Human Behaviour

Much to my own surprise, we’ve never shared Low Hummer here on Velvet. The Hull-based group have been a constant of my own personal listening for some time now, so finally, we’re sharing their incredible talent with you all. Their sound constantly shifts between glorious ’80s shoegaze/synth-pop and contemporary indie-pop and punk at times, think Working Men’s Club meets Saltwater Sun. Their latest single ‘Human Behaviour’ comes from their upcoming album, “Modern Tricks For Living”, out September 17th on Leeds label Dance To The Radio, and is a case of the ’80s shoegaze/synth-pop. Co-vocalist Aimee Duncan takes the spotlight this time, swaying in between gorgeous waves of swooshing guitar riffs for an effortlessly pristine track.

Louis Prince – SMILE

Another artist whose past releases we haven’t kept you updated on! Firstly, go listen to ‘Yes, Indeed’ it’s an expertly layered track that just goes for it at the end in a glorious fire of bewilderment. Now for Louis Prince’s latest track ‘SMILE’. The Nashville resident is truly well versed in mixing his love of multiple genres together in such a fashion that feels altogether unheard of. Going from an indie take on trip-hop with a few Jazz elements thrown in, the essence of all these parts merging seamlessly is present, but Prince retains enough of an edge that ‘SMILE’, feels as though it could truly spiral off in any direction. The main attraction is that the Nashville artist does this so well, if the track suddenly spiralled off into some major Jazz breakdown or became so massive indie-banger, you’d 100% be okay with it.

DEJA – Wishin’

Following her previous track Boujee, the London resident keeps it real as ever, exploring sexual desire on her latest track Wishin”. With her straight to the point lyrics ever-present, DEJA truly captures that essence of if we’re vibin’, we’re vibin’ why waste time? Beckoning the words, “give in to the feeling, I’ll give you a minute, with me you’ll be winning, don’t leave here wishin”, made all the more alluring by DEJA’s vocals, the steady R’n’B and Afrobeat flow behind ‘Wishin’ make this a track that you’ll want to share with a special someone. Speaking on the track, DEJA explains; “I think we’ve all been there – seeing a guy/girl in the street that you actually want up in your sheets. And then wishing you’d made some kind of move because now you can’t get them out of your head! That’s what Wishin’ is about; taking that leap or regretting it. No risk, no reward.”

FOUNDRY13 – Wild // Child

Lastly are London based brothers FOUNDRY13 and their latest single ‘Wild // Child’. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that FOUNDRY13 were actually an L.A based duo with their upbeat, alt-pop sound. On ‘Wild // Child’, repeatability really comes to mind, as the track pieces together that summer-banger mentality with alt-indie and pop-punk. Think guilty pleasures that you don’t feel guilty about at all and FOUNDRY13 are right on the mark. Speaking on the track, the duo explained, “Usually, we love to incorporate and address heavy topics in our music such as mental health, depression, anxiety etc. but due to what we have all gone through in the last year, we felt as though keeping it light and upbeat is what people need right now. We wanted the song to represent the warfare of the youth, about how it’s best to live your life to the fullest whilst you can. This is a track which we didn’t really want to overcomplicate with high concepts and too many emotions. It’s just about never wanting to leave the party, and sleeping until the sun goes down.”

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