Miller Roberts – Bad Habit

Australian artist Miller Roberts shared her beautiful new track last Friday, titled ‘Bad Habit’.

Credit: Charlie Hardy

Performing under the moniker of Miller Roberts, Millie Robertson on paper is still a newcomer, with her first single ‘Second Hand Information’, being released only last year. Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, Roberts shows on her latest release, however, just how rapidly her penchant for songwriting has grown. On ‘Bad Habit’, the singer-songwriter discusses feelings of heartbreak, heightened by the isolation of the 2020 COVID lockdown period. Stripped back to a glazed synth hook and singular echoing guitar throughout, Roberts catches the mystified sadness during each stage of a breakup rather beautifully. Highlighted by her solemn vocals, ‘Bad Habit’ excels in capturing the grey space around breaks up where life continues, even though the world feels as though it’s stopped spinning.

Speaking in detail about the trick, Miller said: “’Bad Habit’ is an ethereal, alternative folk song. Written after a breakup and during a period of lockdown and isolation, this song is a response to the loneliness felt in being misunderstood but, in turn, the fear and trepidation of feeling deeply seen and understood by another person. This production around this track is intentionally simple and stripped back in an attempt to capture the honest and raw sincerity behind the song. Writing this song was a way for me to acknowledge and address the emotionally disengaged nature of my personal life in an effort to learn and grow. I am still on this journey, but I know I am growing along the way.”

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