Van Houten share new single ‘Now And Then’, taken from their upcoming EP.

The Leeds outfit has today announced their new EP “Home Alone Pt. 2”, with the release of new single ‘Now And Then’. 

Credit: Sam Joyce

The buoyant nature of their previous release ‘IDK’, takes a rest as Van Houten fully returns to their charming past of introspective lyrics. On Now And Then’, the Leeds outfit explores unreciprocated love through bittersweet lyrics and dreamy psych-pop melodies, casting their aversion to the idea of leaving an unequal relationship. Caught in a mirage of steady slacker-pop rhythms, ‘Now And Then’ coats itself in the warm and inviting guise of psychedelia, revealing the forlorn nature of its lyrics only once you’ve settled in.

Speaking about the track, songwriter Louis Sadler explained: “This tune is about willingly being hurt by somebody, and dealing with being unfulfilled or neglected in order to keep this person around. It’s about feeling alone whilst being with somebody romantically, but not really doing anything to change the situation because you need them beyond your control or logic. I like to contrast sad themes in the lyrics with more hopeful and easy-going instrumentals and I think this is a good example of doing so. I was listening to loads of old south American bossa nova tunes and I wanted to try and combine parts of the relaxed and effortless sound with our usual style and give it a light and poppy twist.”

“Home Alone Pt. 2”, is set for release on September 10th via CLUE Records.

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