Jango Flash – My Mercedes

Self-proclaimed ‘kamikaze-pop’ outfit Jango Flash, share their electrifying new single ‘My Mercedes’.

Credit: Adam Thirtle

Hailing from Newcastle, UK, Jango Flash marked their return last week with their first track in over a year. Having spent the past 12 months writing new material during lockdown, ‘My Mercedes’ is the first taste of what’s to come from them. A dose of American punk-rock and Australian alt-rock are immediately present and had me questioning whether I’d put DZ Deathrays on by mistake. Bursting in with brash guitar hooks, ‘My Mercedes’  “was written as a dialogue between two best friends at bad places in their lives”, shared songwriter Jack Angus Golightly, as the video for the track ties itself between being humourous and an introspective look on domestic abuse. On the surface, it’s a thrashing ‘kamikaze-pop’ track that you can lose your head to and mosh away happily. Looking deeper, you’ll find a thought-provoking backstory that makes the track even better.

Speaking further about the track Jack shared: “My mum was a single mother travelling the world with my brother and working three jobs. Along the road, she ended up in an oppressive relationship prior to meeting my dad, yet fortunately found the strength to kick back, protect my brother and get herself out of it. It was my mum’s friend that gave her the nickname “Mercedes”, because, she found elegance and strength in the way she carried herself through life. Whenever she writes to my mum she always starts with, “Dear my Mercedes”. So I opened the song like a letter and finished the rest in a night. This pandemic has ramped up the tension in people’s lives to breaking point. Domestic abuse figures skyrocketed, and I ended up hearing horror stories from friends of mine. This is close to home and something that I wanted to discuss, because, no one should have to live with abuse and should always have support to find strength and speak out.”

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