Milan Ring – Hide With You

Sydney’s Milan Ring follows up her previous single ‘BS’; with the equally stunning ‘Hide With You’.

Credit: James Evans

Milan Ring’s latest track is a reflection on mental health, the search for freedom, and ultimately healing. An open and honest discussion about the struggles Ring has faced over the past year, which most of the world will likely have shared, ‘Hide With You’, hits big with its bouts of escapism delivered in classic R’n’B formats and contemporary alternative soul. Accompanying the new track is a music video created in lockdown with housemate and director Caitlin McCartney, exemplifying the period of isolation during the track’s production. On the new single, Milan says, “‘Hide With You’ is about the search for freedom; hoping that one day, in the vastness of space & time, we find it together. This is a song I hold very dear to my heart and has provided great healing for me. I hope that it may do the same for others also.”

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