Noon Garden – Villa

Noon Garden share their latest track, delivering classic ’60s psychedelia in the form of ‘Villa’.

Flamingods member Charles Prest continues on with his new project Noon Garden, delivering hypnotic psychedelic funk on‘Villa’. Ruled by wavy guitar riffs and erratic synth keys, Prest’s latest takes a much more chilled approach than his previous single ‘Decca Divine’, slowly creating a world where everything is lucid and free-flowing, gradually ascending into higher realms of the tropical adventures of Noon Garden. Basking under scorching sun rays, ‘Villa’, conjures up the intensity of Summer with hot sweaty nights and daytimes lounging by the pool battling it out, demonstrated through a laidback opening verse and final intense build, showcasing the many aspects of psychedelia perfectly.

Noon Garden says of the single: “This one was inspired by a lot of idyllic imagery usually associated with 50s/60s exotica music, as well as really early Flying Lotus and electronica tendencies. I feel like this is the song that really captured the original intent of Noon Garden in terms of atmosphere and sound.“

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