Real Lies – Since I

The post-club world of house party afters is depicted in glossy-electronica, spewing out into ’90s styled rave music on Real Lies latest track, ‘Since I’.

Whether you’re a Londoner like Real Lies, who’s clinging on to the ever-dwindling number of clubs that the UK’s capital hasn’t yet turned into glossy new skyrise flats, or from anywhere else in the UK where clubs and music venues are being replaced by student accommodation or empty, 2-bed flats that no one can afford; ‘Since I’, comes as the next in a long history of UK club-culture adoring anthems.

Penned by former band member Tom Watson, Real Lies latest work is rich in the pair’s lust for combining indie rock and ’90s electronica. Post-rave beats fuel the canonical blue sound of Real Lies luscious electronica soundscapes, bleeding out into a euphoric melding of deep-house and pre-Millenium indie rock. Taken from their second LP“Lad Ash” set for release in Spring next year, ‘Since I’ possess the aura of an impending future classic, set to stand shoulder to shoulder with the UK’s past and current greatest.

Speaking further about the track, Kev Kharas shared:‘Since I’ is an airborne late-night odyssey guided by something just out of reach. It’s about burying yourself beneath words and warm bodies in an endless search for the right ones. It’s by and for Tom Watson, whose voice haunts this song which he wrote with us before leaving Real Lies for pastures new. The unbearably sensual video is by Grant Armour, who we thank and applaud. RIP all the lost bar rooms and basements.”

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