This week on Velvet

That seems professional. So, this week on Velvet expect:
  • An album review of The Amazing Snakeheads, grizzly LP Amphetamine Ballads. 
  • Possibly more, who knows (I don’t)
  • New music, as per (I’ll finally get round to Wolf Alice tomorrow!)
  • A new welcoming…, or two.
  • Plus:
    • The albums that ignited my passion for music (on the 22nd to coincide with my birthday!)
    • The battle of modern Manchester
    • And:
      • 50 songs of 2014 so far!

Now I know that it’s only April, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a slew of incredible new songs for 2014. So expect to see sounds from Breton, NO, Patterns, The War On Drugs, Dracula Legs, Son Lux, Owl Vision, Protomartyr, Geyser and many more!

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