Breton – Exit Row

Track two from the Londoners reissue of February’s War Room Stories was added yesterday, the rather prehistoric, Exit Row.

Now by prehistoric I mean in the history of Breton, not Earth and dinosaurs. The closest relation is to RDI’s heavy, mechanical electronica bass beats, hovering around the same depth, and then of course, there’s the familiar riding bass hooks found on both tracks. The familiarities are heavily LP2 based, which for a reissue is expected; with glittering piano tones and crystal clear synth melodies, that even your grandma could hear. ‘Big’ breakdowns occur towards the end just as on 15 minutes, and National Grid, but carrying nowhere near the weight that WRS’ biggest tracks had.

Overall, it’s nothing to taxing for Breton. Something they’ve done before, modernised, and clarified. Put it on the pile of album fillers.

War Room Stories, Deluxe edition, is out November 10th.

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