Ben Hobbs – Animal

Growing up isn’t as easy as everyone tells you its going to be. Ben Hobbs provides a look on life following the burst of the pre-16 year old bubble, with his reflective new track Animal.

Tracing the emotions running when school ends and life begins, Animal own touching lyrics create a facade that projects two stories depending on your own personal afflictions. 

A love song as one story and a reflective piece for the other, Hobbs work in placing piano and drum machines together, creating a modern energetic take on traditional piano pop pieces, rejuvenates the area of pop, which most use as a marker of chauvinistic love. Rather than creating a track as a form of showboating, Hobbs aim for Animal is for it be shared and loved by all, making Animal’s emotional intent all the much stronger and immediately relatable .

Combining a delicate tenderness, similar to the likes of Kodaline or Arizona, with a fresh look on classic sombre ballads, Ben Hobbs Animal is a must for pop fans the world over.

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