Henry Jamison – Dallas Love Field

Taken from The Rains EP, Dallas Love Field is Henry Jamison recollection of his musings over the past years.

Previously an English major at Bowdoin College, Jamison’s poetic stance on folk music comes from a culturally empowering heritage. John Gower the 14th century poet and George Fredrick Root are amongst Jamison’s great-great… relatives, ergo, Jamison’s talent for poetic lyrics is as natural as the air he breathes.

Dallas Love Field strengthens Jamison’s talent further; as a delicate blend of violas, clanging acoustic guitars and his well structured lyrics, come together in a light-hearted blend of pondering thoughts from the last few years. Gently sung and constructed with the grandeur of his heritage, Dallas Love Field is a collection of musings, envisaging the world in enchanting wonderment, made more desirable by Jamison’s simple poetic charm.

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