Eivør – Surrender

A trip to the Faroe Islands may be the next place on your travel list, once you lend your ears to Eivør’s Surrender.

Photo by Ginevra Gentilli

Taken from her 2015 LP Slør, now rereleased in English, Surrender (titled Silvitni on Slør’s 2015 issue) is a pulsating piece of electro pop, beautifully reflecting the environment of the archipelago Eivør calls home.

With an introduction that smashes together Joy Division’s, She’s Lost Control, and Sevdaliza’s, Other Girl, Surrender’s deep electronic bass, coated in minimalistic beat production is an immediate force of nature. With your eyes now wide open, hair on edge, ears fully tuned in and goosebumps rising across your entire body, you’d be stunned to realise that only 16 seconds will have passed.

From 0:00 until 4:38, Eivør provides those who listen with a plethora of auditory stimulants, a delightful blend of electronica together with post-punk wrapped up in a guise of minimalist pop, that is so brilliantly loud while attaining such a high degree of self-control, she ensures anyone listening that they’ll need to listen to all of Slør on top of numerous repeats of Surrender.

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