Chrystel – Dangerous

She’s not just opening doors between Western and African music, she’s blowing them wide open.

Atlanta-based Chrystel is continuing to step up her game, working with the Senegalese-American producer Papa Fall again, now channelling Zouk beat on Dangerous as classic late 00’s, early 10’s R’n’B become ten times more impressive when amplified by the African style.

Dangerous’ balance of African and Western styles of modern R’n’B capture Chrystel’s story of the je nais se quois in love, and how both sides aren’t necessarily playing the same game, yet jump into to the vibrations of enticing passion. As Dangerous rides, a wave of Zouk beat rhythms with Chrystel providing auditory treats from every angle, the Atlanta singer creates an insatiable track that’s going to be difficult to put down this summer.

With her love of African music and culture, pulsating through her chart ready R’n’B, Chrystel is widening the lens of everyone listening, encouraging us all to truly discover the overflowing amount of culture and music, running through the veins of Africa, as well as this Salt Lake City native gem.

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