Thyla – Pristine Dream

What do King Midas, Thyla and the Skittles man have in common? Everything they touch turns into gold (and skittles which are equally as good). But while the Greek myth told of King Midas’ golden touch becoming a detriment to his life, Thyla’s magical powers appear only appear to be enhancing everything they do.

As Pristine Dream readies itself for another display of Thyla magic, the comparisons of bands from yesteryear could come steadily rolling in. The near shoegaze elements twisting Thyla’s dreampop sound on top of glamour punk styling, that’s so unapologetic about being just so, would possibly even have John Lydon resurface as a punk instead of a butter-aficionado. But Pristine Dream isn’t about attacking those who are different or have changed. Neither is it about being defensive of such things. As Millie screams out “I will never be your pristine dream” the energy racing through, channelling an understanding of differences to create equals is empowering to say the least.

We can’t all be this pristine image to others and even ourselves, but halting our own world to bound ourselves to an image that isn’t our own is unnecessary, with Thyla proving just so with a chorus and final verse that are so beyond anything they’ve created to this date, that you’ll wonder how you ever survived without their music in your life.

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