Channel Swimmer – P.A.W.S

Come take a sample of Channel Swimmer’s sample loaded P.A.W.S, an eccentric summer blend of chillwave, pop and early action cinema.If you remember Benny Boeldt from last year, then Channel Swimmer would be placed somewhere along this wavelength. The London artist released his second LP, Souvenirs, last week, ready with more samples than you could even think of, or even identify.

Being Channel Swimmer’s most recent release from Souvenirs, P.A.W.S is a soul filled, chillpop monstrosity, that sounds as if an Indian wedding was infiltrated with a horde of 20 somethings, all with their own soundpads and synths ready to add the youthful energy of millennials to the mix. It’s a truly bewildering experience and highly recommended.

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