NoMBe – Rocky Horror

A sombre moment from the LA performer, as he reminisces over the ‘many prisons’ faced by his mother throughout her life.

The 9th track from his debut LP, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, Rocky Horror may have begun as a love for the 70’s classic, but later turned into a reflective moment upon not his own, but his mother, Mary McBeth’s life, as NoMBe translates the struggles of his mother’s life into a beautifully tragic piece.

I began to realize the many prisons my mother had been in other the years. Those as an intellectual growing up in the rural south. Being the only black woman in a European society in the late 80’s. Captivity within the patriarchy, and in a greater sense, the imprisonment we all face on a daily basis.

Easily NoMBe’s most personal and poignant moment yet throughout his career, Rocky Horror dares to be unparallel in comparison to his previous releases, as NoMBe’s un-shy nature becomes drawn in, as the LA native takes a moment to breathe, allowing the fresh taste of relief and clarity to seep into his discography. As Rocky Horror’s effective use of acoustic guitars, with a minor adjustment in the sound effects department providing that ever-so-cool NoMBe vibe, reveals his inner child, idolising the strength and character of his mother, especially while facing the many challenges that black women still face today, NoMBe’s vulnerability shines through as an unbreakable mark of strength, that only further adds to the joy that has been They Might’ve Even Loved Me.

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