Someone – I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You

Dutch artist Someone, comes swaggering in on the final track from her ‘Orbit’ EP, the ambiguously titled ‘ I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You’.

With a sophisticated, funk fuelled psych hook, Tessa Rose Jackson oozes confidence on her latest track, depicting the dropping of façades around an ex at a party. Beginning with this overly confident psych hook, capturing the strut of a fake-it-to-you-make-it-out face, ICRHTTTY quickly descends into a jittering mess, unsure with its fuzzed up guitars drowning out Jackson’s words, reaching out for clarity and reassurance. Someone, executes her narrative excellently, channelling charming façades and tongue tied stutters across both her illustrious psych-pop sound and clever lyricism without even breaking a sweat, or getting on a table during a mascara running melt down.

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