What’s Good This Week #31

Grunge-pop, scandi-punk, indie rock, cinematic jazz/funk and experimental rock. It’s a cluster of genres this week.

GENAU – Imisssex

The bitterly sharp taste of Blood Red Shoes or Cherry Glazerr, mixed together with the pop vibes of BLOXX and the alternative edge of Giungla comes to mind on GENAU’s debut ‘Imisssex’. A no-nonsense, straight to the truth, blast of grunge and pop music; ‘Imisssex’ carries with it the charisma and charm of 20-something year olds who know their hot-shit and aren’t afraid to say so. Backed with a flurry of popping guitars that turn into dirty riffs and a free flowing chorus, GENAU are going straight for the jugular.

True Moon – Poison

Scandi-punk that requires no previous knowledge, just a lust for top-notch post-punk will forever be something to be completely consumed by. True Moon go full early 00’s indie rock on ‘Poison’; infusing The Subways with Karen O in a boisterous display of well calculated noise-rock. Infiltrating this 00’s sound with an undertone of gloom from goth and darkwave influences, True Moon will be a gateway for a generation of new punk lovers to discover one of musics most glorious genres.

No Hot Ashes – Extra Terrestrial

The Stockport group’s debut LP “Hardship Starship” comes out this week, with Extra Terrestrial providing the final taste of the indie rockers efforts with a recently released video. A simple display of pink and white and general playfulness fills ‘Extra Terrestrial’ and it’s music video, readying fans to sing along with them on their upcoming tour. A consistent ride of choppy riffs and indie friendly choruses will have new listeners converted in a matter of moments, jumping along as if they were 16 again.

Katmaz – On To The Next

Brookyln based Katmaz creates his music with a visualistic focus, even if the only visuals are what you imagine yourself. Cinematic soundscaping always yields interesting results and Katmaz funk fuelled artistry creates a full 90 minute film in just over 3 minutes. Hopping from fun, free flowing funk to a momentous jazz bridge with a rising brass arrangement and bada-ba-bas, ‘On To The Next’ is unrestricted creativity shining as bright as the sun.

Battles – Titanium 2 Step ft. Sal Principato

Four years since their last effort La Di Da Di, New York based Battles are back, experimenting with just about anything they possibly can. ‘Titanium 2 Step’ pops chaotically like an old radiator heating up, as drums fire recklessly across from guitar riffs swirling inside the depths of a black hole. A manic air fills ‘Titanium 2 Step’ with an equally reassuring sense of understanding; balancing out the chaos that ensues Battles latest effort, for a tumultouous display of experimental rock.

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