What’s Good This Week #33

Britain is looking pretty chaotic at the moment, so a storm of raging punk and post-punk music seemed like the only fitting sound for this week.

Slyrydes – Out Patience

Hailing from Galway in Ireland, Slyrydes bring together the abrupt reality of Idles with the chaotic energy of Flats, crafting brutalist punk at an insanely high standard. ‘Out Patience’ centralises around the idea of running out of time; queuing for doctors, being refused appointments while ones mental health deteriorates. A barrage of stories that are a reality for a number of people across Ireland and the rest of the globe, Slyrydes are an unapologetic kick in the teeth on ‘Out Patience’, telling you to kick up a fuss about the standards of living.

Secret Shame – Gift

Next up are gothic, post-punk rockers, Secret Shame, with their latest track ‘Gift’, taken from their upcoming “Dark Synthetics” LP (released September 6th). Harkening back to the era of 80’s post-punk, ‘Gift’ is an ambivalent display of melodic, distant shoegaze and gritty post-punk guitars, switching back and forth between the two styles with an endearing precision. The overloading reverb on ‘Gift’ carries the same weight that Savages or Eagulls brought to the table back in their early days, making “Dark Synthetics” like to earn high praise.

Current Affairs – Cheap Cuts

Newcomers to the Glasgow scene and Tough Love signees, Current Affairs bring a DIY aesthetic to their new-wave, post-punk sound on ‘Cheap Cuts’. Choppy in parts, but undeniably catchy, ‘Cheap Cuts’ challenges the evolution of punk to look back at its roots, casting a gaze back to the early days of goth and more contemporary garage rock inspiration, similar to what Brooklyn’s B Boys are currently doing, but with a charmingly misguiding pop edge.

The Wants – Fear My Society

If you’ve watched American Horror Stories fifth series Hotel, ‘Fear My Society’s opening moments will instantly draw a relation to the elongated murder scene featuring ‘Tear You Apart’ by She Wants Revenge. The Wants are an NYC trio, crafting art-punk that’s more easy-going in melody with pulsing synth hooks and pop mentalities, yet carries across the reflection of punk music with its pointed lyrics on ever-changing political landscapes and the uncomfortableness that it can place on oneself.

Djunah – Animal Kingdom

Pronounced June-uh, this Chicago duo bring blistering noise rock to the forefront of their music, with metal, punk and industrial influences seeping in from every corner. ‘Animal Kingdom’ is a relentless attack of crashing riffs and seismic drums, all while vocalist and guitarist Donna Diane balances out a third output, playing a Moog bass synthesiser with her feet. Djunah captures the sound of a band triple their size with pure ease, catapulting destructive noise rock boulders at you with unshakeable precision.

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