What’s Good This Week #68

FARR – Weightless

Made up of LA vocalist Romèo Testa and London producer Linden Jay, FARR’s latest track from their debut LP (released back in March) is now inspired by the passing of friend Noah Benardout last year, after being hit by a drunk driver. With a pace that you’d comfortably associate with a near-five minute track, the 1:43 running time of ‘Weightless’ conveys the suddenness of unexpected death, handling the topic with dignity and true care. Lucid in sound and joyous with its visuals, showcasing happier moments in a short and sweet montage before an untimely end, ‘Weightless’ is a beautifully crafted farewell letter.

Ego Ella May – Give A Little

South London artist Ego Ella May released her debut LP “Honey For Wounds” last week, with ‘Give A Little’ the latest in a series of spectacularly chilled singles. Stating her LP as “music to heal to”, Ego Ella May’s display of neo-soul and luscious R’n’B utilises jazz style vocals to carry you away into this spiritual realm. On ‘Give A Little’, a timeless vibe radiates throughout from every guitar hook and drum beat, looping perfectly into a near enlightened state; conveying auditory bliss as the one true medicine. In the timeless state of COVID lockdown, ‘Give A Little’ captures the mood of the days all rolling into one beautifully, making the melding of time feel peaceful and marking itself as a true escape from this weird new world.

Yves Jarvis – Victim

The moniker of Jean-Sebastian Audet, the 22-year-old Canadian artist seamlessly plays with dream-pop and folk, crossing into sub-genres effortlessly. Describing the track as “a tightrope walk between victor and victim”, Jarvis’ visuals on ‘Victim’ create a stark contrast to the vibe delivered on ‘Victim’. Amplifying the momentary tension of an impending fall from a tightrope, with the blissful sigh of relief felt from conquering the feat; tranquil dream-pop and nostalgic throwbacks to D’Angelo and comparisons to contemporaries Gallant or Louis Prince show Yves Jarvis as a name to keep an eye out for with his illustrious style.

Kyanna – Day By Day

Accidentally writing about love with aspirations of BBQ sing-alongs, Kyanna’s ‘Day By Day’ is a blissful reminder of the joyous era of teenage-summers where love and music are the only things that truly matter to you. Much like any teen-romance, Kyanna’s immediate love for ‘Day By Day’ before production had even finished was intensely strong and shows positively throughout. Anyone in the UK will instantly be reminded of Craig David’s ‘7 Days’ when listening to Kyanna’s latest effort, so her BBQ sing-along staple hopes could easily become a reality.

Olympic Ayres – Planet Us

A contrast to the chilled, deep-thinking vibes of the above tracks, Olympic Ayres ‘Planet Us’ is a glittery display of ’80s neons, bursting with energy and killer-pop vibes. Whether we actually get to enjoy the summer or not, Olympic Ayres clearly isn’t ready to give up on the summer just yet. ‘Planet Us’ is the latest in a near-decade of work from the Sydney based duo, pumping positive synth-pop out with a precision that has clearly been mastered now. Having featured on FIFA 14 with ‘Magic’, Olympic Ayres look set for another soundtrack hit with ‘Planet Us’.

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