What’s Good This Week #67

Sophisticated and charming house, smart indie and exploring emotion. Alongside links to petitions and donation funds to help support change for black lives the world over, what’s good this week is a celebration of black artists.

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

Jayda G – Both Of Us

Canadian artist Jayda G starts off this week, with an insatiable summer house banger that brings charm, joy and good vibes to the centre. However, it’s only right that Jayda G’s own words are highlighted here, with the following taken from Jayda G’s Facebook post:

This past week has been difficult and conflicted with the announcement of my new ep. The anger I feel is bubbling over.⠀
Some days I feel hopeless and that there is no change and that the racism that I and my friends have experienced will continue to just be the norm. ⠀
But then somedays especially after talking and expressing with your community there are things we can do.⠀
I would encourage all my followers to reflect on the culture they consume, especially house and techno which is built and based in black culture⠀
Please educate yourself on what’s happening locally and donate where you can⠀
And vote! Vote for people who are willing to fight against oppression⠀
If you are American – vote not just for presidential elections but for your local district attorney – these are the ppl who have the power to change things on the ground level. Same goes for mayors and judges. We do have the power but we have to use it.⠀
Be kind, be understanding, and hold space for your fellow black people⠀

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

Phouelisi – a year ago tomorrow

Performing under the pseudonym of Phouelisi, Joe Bamisile’s influences range from Aries and Drake to Japanese Rock, reflected in his fusion of indie and R’n’B on ‘a year ago tomorrow’. Talking about the origin of his stage name to WTVR, Phouelisi explains: “The Pho is from Joseph. The Elisi is from my last name, Bamisile. I picked the back half of my name because my music is a different side of myself. The U is what connects the listener to me. Without ‘U’ the listener, I wouldn’t be the artist.” The unity of his different side, together with his appreciation of Japanese rock and desire to connect with his listeners, has allowed Phouelisi to pave his own path into the music world, one that breaks down the walls of uniformed genres on ‘a year ago tomorrow’, sounding completely fresh and worth investing repeated plays into.

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

Oscar #Worldpeace – Mmm ft Ragz Originale & BenjiFlow

Three London artists together on one track mean one thing only. That it’s a certified banger before you even press play. Oscar #Worldpeace dropped his second LP “Sporadic” last month, collaborating with the likes of The Streets, Sam Wise and Knucks to name a few, with the track ‘Mmm’ with Ragz Originale and BenjiFlow being one of the LP’s highlights. Distinct, direct and simple, the industrial, garage cut that flows throughout gives new meaning to the term ‘hook’, crafting a masterful earworm that gets stronger after each ‘Mmm’. Give it 10 seconds and you’ll be mmm-ing along all day.

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

Azekel – How Comes

Focusing on experimenting into darker sounds with his new EP “Azekel Unreleased’, the Nigerian born, London based artist succeeded massively with the likes of ‘How Comes’. A sombre combination of trap fused R’n’B, ‘How Comes’ poignant delivery is wrapped around showcasing black masculinity, the true depth behind what it means to a be a black man in modern western society, and how freedom of emotional expression is still taboo to many. ‘Azekel Unreleased’ comes alongside Azekel’s virtual exhibition ALL1, an installation exploring afro-futurism, sound, light, scent and texture through a digital viewing experience; initially designed to be a physical exhibition before COVID-19.

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

Ojerime – Give It Up 2 Me

Taken from her debut “B4 I Breakdown” mixtape, released in March, London’s Ojerime creates soulful, ’90s fuelled R’n’B, narratively focused on “dark thoughts, mental health, sex and relationships, and drug use.” ‘Give It Up 2 Me’ centralises on weed and mental health, utilising the prior for overcoming moments of struggle with the latter, floating away into auditory bliss, shown via her NSFW video. The track flows through gorgeous takes of classic ’90s R’n’B beats, layered with smooth jazz infusions, as Ojerime’s echoing harmonies bring a sense of weightless, alleviating earthbound burdens for a momentary escape to paradise.

Petition/donation master-thread for BLM support

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