CLAMM – Beseech Me

CLAMM share the title track off their upcoming album “Beseech Me”.

Credit, Oscar O’Shea

Following on from previous singles ‘Liar’ and ‘Keystone Pols’, ‘Beseech Me’ drives on the right side as the Melbourne trio’s straight-up punk rock goes diving headfirst into a more Scandi-style of punk, similar to groups such as Holograms or FEWS. While somewhat alien to their usual sound, CLAMM quickly gets to grips pulling a uie and getting back on track with their brash, gut heavy punk rock, retaining enough of a European flair to make ‘Beseech Me’ stand out as their strongest track to date.

Frontman Jack Summers shared the backstory behind the track: “‘Beseech Me’ is a song that touches on desire and solidarity. The song in its entirety seems to have a sort of pleading to it as if it is asking the listener to do something. Lots of the lyrics on this song were written on the fly. I tried to change the lyrics to make ‘more sense’ at some point, but it always felt wrong and so we left it in its natural state. Because of this, there’s a hint of ambiguity to the track.”

“Beseech Me” is out April 9th via Meat Machine.

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