Red Moon – Thirsty

It’s officially pride season, so it’s only fair that the first track we share is a queer banger called ‘Thirsty’, from Norweigan-Swiss artist Red Moon.

Credit: Vitaboy

Since I last wrote about Red Moon on her debut ‘Dogma”, the Norwegian-Swiss artist’s work has only become stronger with every new track she’s released. Her latest single ‘Thirsty’, is an uplifting indie track rooted in queer liberation, freely expressing desire and sensuality without the need for ambiguous lyrics. With a steady guitar riff providing the main rhythm for most of ‘Thirsty’, Red Moon’s lyrics stand as the true star of the track, turning a straightforward indie track into a sublime queer hit.

Speaking about ‘Thirsty’, Red Moon shares: “’Thirsty’ exudes passion, drive, and freedom. It describes the feeling that anything is possible with this person you share an undeniable connection with; when your gut tells you that there is a future you will share together. So you just want to see where this spark will lead you to. To me, it’s a playful and curious song about queer expression, sensuality, and a little psychedelic magic too.”

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