Ninsun Poli – Great Leap Forward

Ever miss the jubilant pop styles of Sweden’s Lykke Li, or the electro wave, synth perfection of Robyn? Well then newcomer Ninsun Poli will bring back the nostalgia of Sweden’s stunning, late 00’s pop scene.

Creating a buzz around her performance at The Great Escape in 2014, Ninsun Poli’s take on pop music, summons up the remnants of Sweden’s past, where every other pop song contained, electrifying, synth pulses. Energising an already upbeat track with Poli’s emphatic synths, Great Leap Forward expands into the mainstream airways with its explosive chorus. Welcoming the chorus with a singular drum beat,  Poli’s vocals demanded centre stage, as power resonates through her voice as she questions, ‘don’t you know there’s lights just around the corner’. In Poli’s case, the lights looking extremely bright, for her inevitably successful pop career.

Great Leap Forward is out April 20th (this Monday).

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