Mik Current – Lies/Rabbit Box

An act we’ve been meaning to write about for a while on Velvet; Mik Current (Michelangelo Corrente), ‘an LA artist imported from Venezuela’, combines his Latin roots, with the rock music of LA, for salsa inspired rock music.

The type of music you imagine to hear during the moment the two main characters in a modern rom-com share an intense moment (in some super-cool cafe), Mik Current’s rock music, utilises its Latin flair, to vamp up the vibe of the swaying drum beats and guitar hooks.

On Corrente’s debut Rabbit Box, his Spanish influences are slightly acute, as he leans towards a more classically recognised style of contemporary rock. It’s on Lies, Corrente’s most recent track, that the Latin inspiration becomes present, demonstrating true passion and intensity into the Venezuelan’s music. Matching the drama felt from a perfected tango, Lies displays true raw talent, as Corrente fully embraces his background, making for an intriguing and instantly distinctive style.

Lies is currently a free download, so make sure you get your download and stay alert for Mik Current’s future plans.


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