Bandcamp Presents… Beverly

Pop duos are good for the soul. While that may not be scientifically proven, Beverly are just what you need for the upcoming Summer months.

The driving force of Drew Citron, Beverly originate from Brooklyn (rather than Beverly Hills). Alongside partner Scott Rosenthal (guitar and bass), Beverly’s take on pop music is exciting and effervescent.┬áTheir debut LP, Career (released in 2014), showed a slew of pop fixtures, which were effortlessly enjoyable.

On Beverly’s recent single Contact, there’s a nod towards indie rock, with a close tie to groups such as September Girls and Baby Strange. Igniting indie rock and punk with the lightness of beach-pop, in a post-pop, festival human-wave inducer; Contact harnesses the same energy of early Best Coast, but with a much bigger effect, as Scott’s guitar work tied together with Drew’s fuzzed up vocals, is pure gold.

Similarly on their previous releases, Crooked Cop and Victoria, the combination of Drew and Scott works together perfectly, as light, harmonious riffs sink perfectly into the spaces of Drew’s luscious vocals.

For more pop/indie-rock, Summer goodness, Beverly’s second LP, The Blue Swell, is out May 6th, through Kanine Records.

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