Trudy and the Romance – Wild

The boisterous flare that Trudy prevail with on Wild, is as charming as ever from the Liverpudlian’s.

Taken from their debut AA release with B3SCI Records, Wild is the blatant, loud mouth brother of She Sings. A brazen style stinks up the air of Wild; with Oliver’s vocals rolling into hysteric roars, and jittering trembles, as Lewis’ bass effortlessly swanks up the joint, suave bass riffs are produced out of nowhere, as if he’s fifteen years into the business. While Brad’s drumming provides a momentous break of high claps before the impetuous roars of Oliver, Wild’s switches between slick, sophisticated blues/jazz rock rhythms, into this ‘lad-rock’ style, favoured by The Libertines and Palma Violets, is imperative to their success.

The bandcamp link is down below for fellow vinyl lovers FYI.

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