Deep Dark Blue – Manly Man Made Mask

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Bryce and Jason, but it’s never anything short of being great when they release new music.

The L.A duo’s last release dates back from July in 2016, but now Manly Man Made Mask has come to shatter the silence between the seven months since Been Here Once Before and now. The blend of psychedelic music warped in a sphere of electronica has always been evident throughout Deep Dark Blue’s music, now continuing on in Manly Man Made mask in a somewhat more subtle manner.

Where, Been Here’, jumped into house heavy beats that bounced off the ideas of psych and twisted them into a more tangible and modern form; MMMM falls back into the realm of psychedelic music, traversing through shimmering guitars that lead towards a chorus of otherworldly manipulations of guitars and electronic elements becoming unquestionably, traditionally psychedelic.

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