NoMBe – Bad Girls

The supply of tracks taken from They Might’ve Even Loved Me tells us all two things. 1. NoMBe is in no short supply of stellar songs. 2. Because of 1. They Might’ve Even Loved Me looks like a release date is going to be even harder to pin down than the #wherethealbumatfrank period.

The L.A native, German born rocker shows his love of R’n’B influenced rock music, taking the swagger and impeccably cool aura of New Orleans’ jazz origins, mixing it together with the modern love of electronically charged indie pop from L.A., ready to burst open within the encouragingly catchy choruses of Doo-doo-doo, amplified with thunderous drum claps and primal growls, continuing the illustrious charm that NoMBe has carried across all of his releases.

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