Angie McMahon – Pasta

Created after eating an entire lasagne, Angie McMahon’s ‘Pasta’ is an ode for pasta lovers the world over.

So firstly, ‘Pasta’ isn’t completely about pasta, rather more about trying while being tired and with a lack of motivation (probably due to eating a whole lasagne, which is relatable). McMahon opens ‘Pasta’ up with lines such as “my bedroom is a disaster” “I’ve been sitting at the bar too much” “I’ll just sit in my house making noise, but I’m not moving much or proving much to anyone”. A collection of everyday musings, mundane in their realism and eerie relatability, McMahon acts upon that voice in her head that says why aren’t you doing something you love and sharing it? Powering through her own tiredness and low motivation, ‘Pasta’ later erupts into a flurry of high energy guitars, bursting with energy and a presence that is unstoppable now that her inner-saboteur has been subdued with high grade folk-rock, and a full lasagne.

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