What’s Good This Week? #20

It’s nice to be back! Been busy this past week, so we’ve got a little extra tucked away at the bottom for you all.

Sal Dulu – Buzzcut Ft. staHHr

Dublin based producer Sal Dulu is back, following his previous release ‘Xompulse’ this time partnering up with Atlanta based staHHr, on ‘Buzzcut’. Recently expanding his brand of electronica into the world of classical music, ‘Buzzcut’ delivers a much calmer and ethereal vibe than Sal Dulu has ever shared before. staHHr’s lyrics cast a harsh contrast to Buzzcut’s subdued string sections, yet piece together just as beautifully as any Massive Attack track you’ve ever heard.

Poster Child – Disco Duck

Taken from their recently released debut EP ‘Death Star Cadillac’, the only thing that Nashville’s Poster Child want to do with ‘Disco Duck’ is to get you to dance. Bringing classic 80’s disco pop together with modern funk, Poster Child carry a vibe across ‘Disco Duck’ that is unshakably cool, easing into blistering choruses that demand a sing along before immediately cutting back into dancing vibes that Patawawa fans will be immensely pleased with.

Chelcee Grimes – Girls

Liverpudlian artist Chelcee has been writing for pop’s current big female artists and is now paving her own path to success on ‘Girls’. An empowering track that demonstrates the diversity of women all across the world, ‘Girls’ swaggers around with an air that is both bold and strong, taking compliments as the standard and demanding more as “we’ll give as good as we get”. With a fairly relaxed pop hook, ‘Girls’ lyrics are given all the space needed to be a truly impactful pro-female anthem.

Beef Gordon – ABC

Adhering to the practice of sexual fetishism, planting himself in the world of submissive, dominatrix play, New York artist Beef Gordon gets explicit on his new track ‘ABC’, all while sounding as if he’s giving a 80’s VHS tutorial on how to use a computer. Labelled as ‘weirdo pop’, Gordon’s music carries across an incredibly light and charming air, which when placed together with his lyrics leads for a confusing yet interesting entrance into the world of sexual fetishism in music.

Party Hardly – The Hopskotch Man

Produced after guitarist Matt Pownall was left bedbound following reconstructive surgery, Leeds’ Party Hardly’s latest track depicts the depressive phase of Pownall’s life during this time. A gritty, melodic piece of slacker rock, ‘The Hopskotch Man’ while never diving into bellowing screams or truly manic riffs, carries across a sense of underlining anger and frustration with the world, delivered through its monotonic vocals and reflective lyrics, casting a true ode to being pissed off with your own limitations.

Qremade – Undone

Not expecting another ey? Charlotte, NC artist Qremade dropped another track, titled ‘Undone’ a couple of days ago, so obviously we had to let you know. It’s another sublime piece of ambient, bedroom mixing from Qremade, this time picking up the pace for a pre-evening setup, riding out to beats that echo Childish Gambino’s ‘Feel Like Summer’, perfectly suited for the summer party season.

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