What’s Good This Week #25

The sun is out here in the UK, so it’s only fitting that this weeks picks are summer bangers and chilled out tunes, alongside some chaotic indie for good measure.

Shura – Religion (You Can Lay Your Hands On Me)

Released a few weeks ago, queer artist Shura graced us all with the presence of her vaping lesbian nuns for the video of ‘Religion (You Can Lay Your Hands On Me)’. Continuing to be the proud and bold artist that almost packed out the John Peel stage with every LGBT fan at Glastonbury last week, Shura delivers a insatiable synth hook pieced together with shimmering strings and a chorus that will have you vibing along all summer. And if that wasn’t enough to entice, then surely choregraphed, sexually suggestive nuns will be.

Jay Marwaha – Sitting In The Park

Originating from Solihull in the West Midlands, London based Jay Marwaha shares his experiences of travelling in a delightfully summery tone. ‘Sitting In The Park’ is Marwaha’s first track, with two other demos available, taken from his upcoming mixtape, out in August, carrying a similar vibe to Loyle Carner, with vocals to match Methyl Ethyl. An airy, unrestricted rhythm flows through ‘Sitting In The Park’, filled with the charm and quirk of London’s most exciting districts, topped with the hopeful aspirations of a love struck boy who’s a truly special find.

Petersburg – Today

Much like its accompanying video, it’s difficult to pin down Petersburg into any one genre on their latest track ‘Today’. A steady stream of softly sung indie much like Death Cab for Cutie or Gengahr, crosses paths with the intricate nature of Suuns or Battles and the general messed up chaos of Girl Band, all while the OK Go influenced video plays on a recoiling loop. It’s a delightfully tormented piece of experimental, nu-indie that feels as though the best examples of a multitude of genres have been mashed together in a chaotically beautiful fashion.

Julz West – On My Own

Rejecting false promises and reaching out on his own devices, Julz West stands tall and proud on ‘On My Own’. If you’re a fan of George The Poet, then Julz West’s upbeat, r’n’b infused pop will be of certain interest to you. ‘On My Own’ depicts striving to achieve without relying on others, especially in the face of false promises. The Caribbean influence On West’s music is clear, with a unstoppable cheeriness to his sound, filtering through like rays of sunshine, carrying ‘On My Own’ to earworm levels of catchiness.

Still – Divinity

Release your inner goth and enjoy the solemn tones of LA three piece Still on their track ‘Divinity’. Creating illustrious, gothic, dream-pop, similar to The Cure clashing with Wild Nothing, Still are tacking modern post-punk in a new direction, by taking it back towards the darker era of pop’s past. ‘Divinity’ immerses itself in a guise of shoegaze, clanging away with dusty old guitars that are probably only a few years old, yet capture the essence of The Cranberries at their best. If you shut your eyes and listen, you’d swear that Still were a cult band from the late 80’s or 90’s that you’re lucky enough to have discovered before anyone could tell you about them.

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