Guest Singer – Think Face

Doncaster’s Guest Singer is back with news of new EP “Limbo Days” and leading single ‘Think Face’.

A continuation of the melancholic sad banger that ‘FOMO’ rained down upon us, with its solemn gaze at vicarious online living, ‘Think Face’ shows Jake Cope participating in the competition of everyday living that is having an online presence.

Prior to the release of the track, Cope has demonstrated the reality behind the fantasy of online representation, showing himself eating leftovers, hoovering, even having a bath, through his post behind the post, posts. Showing the mundane realities behind the ‘glamorous lifestyle’ of being in a band, Guest Singer question these conflicting worlds on ‘Think Face’, using swirling synths and thumping ’80s electronica to mask the grey lives that lie beneath.

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