What’s Good This Week #58

Dreamy pop, pumped up house music and chaotic garage rock are reminding us all of better times this week, looking forward to the summer months ahead.

Far Caspian – Today

The Leeds group shared another slice of pop delightfulness with ‘Today’, further bolstering Joel Johnston’s claim to being one of the best upcoming artists across the entire globe. It’s a shimmering, sparkly display of dream-pop on ‘Today’; as pristine as ever from Far Caspian, drenched in upbeat-melancholy that’s made for clearing the grey skies with glorious shades of blue. Whether you’re navigating your way through a difficult time or wanting to carelessly pass the day by, ‘Today’ has got you covered.

Carriers – Another Guy

Taken from the Cincinnati groups debut LP “Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else” released last year, the video for ‘Another Guy’ takes a note from A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’. Saturated in a blue hue, the late ’80s zine-style matches sublimely with Carriers dreamy, post-shoegaze pop; riding a never-ending wave of summer delights. Ethereal pop that matches that of The War On Drugs, ‘Another Guy’ and its 7-minute running time are the gifts that keeps on giving.

Activity – Nude Prince

Western Vinyl’s semi-supergroup Activity, comprised of members of Russian Baths, Grooms and Field Mouse shared ‘Nude Prince last week, a dark, futuristic take on trip-hop. The influences of each members own style from their respective bands shines through on ‘Nude Prince’ as mysterious electro meets with dark post-punk blown out through industrial experimentations; creating a clash of penultimate fantasy video game scenes with the amplitude of sci-fi horror mind-fuck moments. If you’re currently on WestWorld, Activity will feel right at home.

Kayoti – Aquamarine

Next is Indian producer Kayoti, hailing from Pune, just of India’s west coast, sharing with us ‘Aquamarine’. Flashes of strobe synths instantly welcome you to the sounds of classic house, throwing back to early ’90s Chicago, before firing back into the trap-sequenced beats of the late ’00s. Kayoti’s mixing is spot on with ‘Aquamarine’, throwing samples in from Kanye all the way to Super Mario that ease in perfectly sounding completely at home on these banging summer vibes.

Chemtrails – Frightful In The Sunlight

Manchester psych-garage rock outfit Chemtrails’ debut LP “The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable” comes out in May, with ‘Frightful In The Sunlight’ the latest single taken from it. In line with their somewhat lengthy titles, Chemtrails release a relentless attack of gritty riffs and earth-shattering drumming across almost four minutes, with a total of roughly 5 seconds when the Manchester group aren’t going completely mental. If you’ve used your daily slot of exercise, then go ballistic to Chemtrails.


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