What’s Good This Week #70

Weirdness, being eccentric and unapologetic about your creative output. This week bold personalities and unapologetic realism take centre stage on ‘What’s Good This Week’.

Tally Spear – Oddball

London artist Tally Spear celebrates being an ‘Oddball’ on the latest single from her upcoming “Tally” EP. Speaking about the track, Tally shared: “If someone called me ‘weird’ when I was younger, I took it as a compliment, not an insult, and I try to hold onto this mentality as an adult. ‘Oddball’ with its KS3 keyboard set on the church organ setting opener is enough to show you that the headspace of Tally Spear is weird and wonderful. Followed by a crunchy guitar riff that at first sounds like a different song is about to begin, ‘Oddball’s combination of alt-pop and rock influences is music that doesn’t just seek to go against the grain but, seeks to change the grain completely.

Bull – Green

Recently signed to EMI records in conjunction with York indie label Young Thugs, Bull unearth fan favourite ‘Green’ in celebration. Penned as a melancholic rumination that focuses on seeking greener pastures by some members, and as a stoner anthem for procrastinating creativity by other members, Bull’s talent for smart indie-rock, fuelled by humour created by duality, shines through on ‘Green’. Regardless of your familiarity with Bull, combining the release of ‘Green’ with their signing to a major-label feels like hearing your mates band have finally got their breakthrough and an overwhelming sense of pride is sure to follow.

R.A.E – Pretty Bop

Instagram’s sponsored content algorithms worked a wonder when they shared R.A.E’s ‘Damn Jermaine’ with me. However, there’s a more recent track from the London artist which is arguably an even bigger bop. Think Salt N Pepa meets Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but shot in South London and you’ll be graced with R.A.E’s work. Bold, carefree hip-hop that lauds the ’90s as a cultural reset. ‘Pretty Bop’ meets the line of not taking yourself too seriously while being deadly serious with your execution, with its video, featuring two rival crews dancing it out in the middle of a parking lot. But, the moment that R.A.E. grabs her hips 58 seconds in and does the ‘Pretty Bop’, you know that you’ve come across pure gold.

Family of Things – YKB

Canadian duo Family of Things clearly ignored the memo that the summer was cancelled for 2020, and decided to go full steam ahead with ‘YKB’. Think of the previous summer anthems of the ’10s and ‘YKB’ has seamlessly taken the best parts of each year. The funk of Daft Punk in 2013. Check. The contemporary soul styling of Jungle in the latter half of the ’10s. Check. The glistening beach vibes of Courtship. Check. ‘YKB’ is a glossy, upbeat, frivolous track that has anthem plastered all over it and would find itself comfortably placed on several soundtracks for the year ahead.

YVES – I’m Not Gonna Kill Myself Today

Activist for black lives matter and LGBTQIA+ rights, YVES’ music centres around a blend of political pop and sad songs you can dance too according to his Spotify about, with his latest track ‘I’m Not Gonna Kill Myself Today’ capturing just that. The idea that sadness is rooted purely in dark connotations and nothing else is allowed quite frankly, is a narrative that depressed people all over are tired of hearing. Upbeat music does not equate to pure happiness and on his latest track, YVES shows that being sad doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for joy in your life. ‘I’m Not Gonna Kill Myself Today’ screams mood, all over, and bridges the gap between pure escapism and simply wanting to rise up for another day.

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