Real Lies – Oh Me, Oh My (Nicotine Patch)

London duo Real Lies strike club-gold with their newest release ‘Oh Me, Oh My (Nicotine Patch)’.

In what feels like a lifetime ago for those of us in the UK, Real Lies dare to fantasise about the wonders of smoking areas in clubs, the people you’d fall in love with there, and the memory that come to haunt such places. “There are shrines to you outside every club I’ve ever been to” frontman Kev Kharas declares, as his sensual croons fill ‘Oh Me, Oh My’ with lust and anguish, craving the nights of the past, now with a guarded awareness.

The back and forth throughout the track with Kharas and guest vocalist Dominique Russell is the real standout though. About two minutes in once the beat drops with Russell asking “What you gonna use those sore lips for?”, the heated exchange between the two is such a tease for ‘Oh Me, Oh My’ to truly go wild, yet Real Lies keep their cool, and in doing make every second after that even more enticing to listen to.

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